I am on a mission to empower 100 women and non-binary
leaders to be seen and heard.

By the end of 2024.

Leaders who want to present with confidence, whether at a meeting or on a stage. Who want to level up their speaking skills but face practical challenges in doing so.

If that’s you, and you want hyper-tailored, super-effective support, then this is the coaching programme for you.

It will be time-efficient and seriously fun. I promise! (You can see what people have said about working with me here.)

I first ran this programme in 2023, and loved the impact that it created so much that I am going to run it again in 2024. I am opening booking for places on Monday 11th December 2023, and I will close this programme as soon as they are filled.

So if you would like help, or have questions, then I would love you to get in touch. 

You can email me here.

Or book in to speak with me here.

About the Programme

Women and non-binary leaders. (You might lead a team, company, or organisation.)

Danielle, The Remote Speaker Coach.

I’ve coached 100s of speakers, trained teams at top companies, and consulted for international conferences.

You can read what some speakers have said about working with me here.

All aspects of presenting with confidence – the mindset, content and delivery. I have helped 100s of speakers and developed a highly effective toolkit that I can adapt to suit you, your needs, interests, and schedule.

I have worked with leaders facing all manner of challenges. I can help if you struggle with:

  • Feeling apprehensive about speaking to large groups and wanting to avoid it, in case you ‘mess up’ or look unprofessional.
  • Being stressed and losing sleep in advance of a big presentation. Then being highly critical of how it went.
  • Wanting a more time-effective preparation process. Being less reliant on notes.
  • Communication techniques that encourage engagement and motivate action.
  • Getting your points across clearly and impactfully, in the set time.
  • Loss in confidence after a speaking experience or feedback.
  • Wanting more speaking opportunities than you currently have.
  • Needing to make an existing presentation more compelling.
  • Shaping a new presentation that you feel proud of, and that connects with your audience.
  • Wanting an outside assessment and practical plan to help you meet your potential. 

If in doubt, you are welcome to ask me about your specific challenge or interest. You can email me here. Or book to speak with me here.

You’ll be developing one of the top three leadership skills (communication), in a highly personalised and time-efficient way. The benefits of doing this are both personal and professional, and will continue to reward you, as you apply your speaker skills in different contexts.

Clients report:

  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased stress
  • Greater clarity and adaptability

Contexts include:

  • Speaking with authority and effectiveness in meetings.
  • Providing value as a thought leader on a podcast.
  • Delivering impactful presentations and keynotes. 

Clients have used these to unlock new business opportunities. They’ve secured new contracts, developed new partnerships, and accepted invitations to speak internationally.

I can help you clarify and achieve the benefits that will make most sense for you.

You are welcome to ask me questions here.

Or book in for a short Zoom call to speak with me here.

Absolutely not. This is a one-to-one programme, not a group workshop, which is perfect for meeting you exactly where you are – your current confidence, skill level, and speaker priorities.

You will work with me (Danielle) one-to-one via Zoom, for 5 x 60 min coaching sessions.

You will have a link to my online calendar, so that you can select times that work for you, in your time zone.

I suggest that you start by booking the first session, and in the first 15 mins I will help you clarify your speaker challenges and priorities. From there you can decide how you want to organise your remaining sessions. (E.g. weekly or fortnightly).

I will tailor the programme, tools and resources to your needs, interests and schedule.

Don’t worry at all if you have very limited time between sessions. This is very common with leaders. You will still be shocked (in a good way!) by how much we can accomplish in the time that we have together. And how much this accelerates your speaker progress.

Not at all. I organise my calendar to have full time zone coverage.

£1000 +VAT

or $1250 USD

I frequently work with HR departments and people who are using their learning budgets, so it is no problem to support this route. Let me know what you need here.  


You are welcome to support them through funding their place in this programme – up to 5 places for any one company.

No problem. You are welcome to email me here.

Or book a short Zoom call here.


You can contact me here and I will get right back to you with next steps.

If you would like to speak with me in person, you can book a short Zoom call here.

‘I found working with Danielle invaluable. She was so insightful, supportive, generous and knowledgeable about public speaking. A skilled listener, Danielle helped distil and shape our talk and helped re-energise when I needed it. She knows when to challenge and when to support. I am not new to public speaking, but found the experience of working with Danielle to be really rewarding, I learned so much and 100% recommend working with her.’
Bryony Robins, Co-Director, Royal Cornwall Museum