121 Coaching

121 Coaching

‘Danielle has a great way of bringing the best out of you; breaking down your fears into manageable chunks of tips, rationale,
techniques and practical advice that actually make you relish the opportunity to try them all out,
rather than dreading your next public speaking slot… Can’t recommend her highly enough.’

– Helen Gilchrist, Founding Partner, Stranger Collective

Hi there,

If you’re here, you probably already know that you want to work on your speaking skills. So if any of the following is you, please don’t stay stuck…

  • Even the thought of giving a talk brings you out in a cold sweat.
  • You watch TED talks online, colleagues presenting, or speakers at conferences and think, ‘I wish I could do that’.  (You can!)
  • You avoid opportunities to speak professionally, even though you know that this costs you.
  • You want your talks to stand out, in a way that fully reflects you. But how on earth do you actually do that?
  • You’ve got a big speaking challenge ahead, and you’ve also got a packed schedule. It would be great to get help, but only from someone that understands this and really gets you.
  • You want to work on a new talk, and make it your best yet. You know it’s time to do this, and take your skills up a level, with expert help.
  • You have an established talk – that you know audiences love – which is making it harder to start a new talk… the time, the risk. It feels hard to prioritise, but if you worked with the right coach you could commit to do it, and be proud of the result.

I made you a short video so that you can get a sense of what I am like as a coach, and whether you would enjoy working with me.

If you want to see what people say about working with me, you can see some responses here.

‘Working with Danielle is not just effective; it’s life-changing.’
– Martin Boroson, Founder of the One Moment Company

This is what you might want to know with regards to logistics. (I do design other solutions to meet the needs of particular speakers and companies, but I like to be transparent here, so that you can get an immediate sense of price and practicalities.)

COST: £1,500 (+VAT) or $1,950 (USD)


  • 3 months direct access to me as your speaker coach. No element of this process is outsourced. You will always be working directly 121 with me.
  • 1 x 45 mins diagnostics and planning video call, so that we can find the best schedule and speaker goals for you, your needs, your context, from the very beginning.
  • A clear action plan, personal to you, created within 24h of our first session. (This is reviewed weekly by me to help keep you on track, and respond to any changes.)
  • Review of up to 90 mins of existing footage, slide decks, pitches or drafts of existing talks.
  • 4 x 45 mins live video calls, 121 with me. You will have full access to my online diary, so you can book them at times convenient to you, in your time zone.
  • Additional accountability. I will help you prioritise and stay focused so that you can meet your deadlines. Most speakers select a weekly check-in via e-mail (between live calls), but I am happy to respond to your communication preferences.
  • Unlimited e-mail access to provide direct feedback and suggestions for all aspects of your process. This includes for: creating effective pitches and submissions; designing an engaging structure for your talk; reviewing slide decks; editing for audience relevance; strengthening storytelling; designing audience interactivity.
  • Expert feedback for up to 90 mins of recorded rehearsals. I help speakers constantly improve both their delivery and their content.
  • Suggested resources specific to you and your interests as a speaker.
  • Industry knowledge – what speaking opportunities might suit you best.

If there is any part of you that is worried that this sounds like a lot of work, remember that we’ll do this together. There’s no need to struggle by yourself. You’ll have a pro on your team, who knows how to help. And my clients consistently feed back that they both enjoy the process, and feel proud of the results. You can see some of their responses here.

‘Danielle is an amazing listener who I felt really connected to from day one. She has given me actionable, empowering,
yet simple steps to take and things to try which have led to me developing my speaking skills.
If you are feeling any type of fear around this, whoever you are,
I highly recommend working with Danielle. It is a joy and a pleasure!’

– Emma Holmes, Founder of School of Scratch

If you have any questions, you are welcome to book in for a 20 minute chat. We can discuss your goals as a speaker, and see if I am a good fit for you.

Best wishes,

Danielle Krage,
The Remote Speaker Coach

PS – If something has come up for you at short notice, get in touch as I am an expert trouble shooter! We can do 2 x 45 mins intense coaching sessions. This is great if you need immediate, quick help for a pitch or interview presentation. Or if you’ve got a talk that’s just not working or landing with your audience and you desperately need to fix it.

This costs £500 (+VAT) or $650 USD and you can contact me here. Or schedule a free call below.

So don’t stay stuck!

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