3 reasons to watch this talk: Bryan Stevenson

3 reasons to watch this talk: Bryan Stevenson (Founder and Director of the Equal Justice Inititative)

At the time of writing this, Bryan Stevenson’s brilliant TED talk has over 5 million views.

This Zeitgeist Minds talk was delivered by him 2.5 years later, and is also astounding. He is such a skillful orator. These are just 3 of the considerable strengths of this talk.

1) He uses data in his opening to quickly and effectively ‘dramatize the problems’ and from a range of angles. This is well judged for the audience (it is a Google event), and provides a clear context within which narrative elements can then be set and challenged.

2) Having set the context quickly, clearly and factually, he then focuses the majority of the talk on solutions – four things we can do. This is essential if you want to not just inspire but create change. (Reducing the prison population by 50% in the next 8 years.)

3) Each of the four solutions is powerfully illustrated by examples and stories. They are compellingly told, with such a high degree of observation and empathy that I sat at my desk watching the third section, on ‘hopefulness’, with tears leaking down my face. It is a highly affecting talk.