3 reasons to watch this talk: Elizabeth Lev

Talks like this one are such a beautiful way to see into a world and learn from an expert – in this case, the art historian Elizabeth Lev. I found this speaker riveting, and her talk quite literally eye-opening. What a joy. Here are 3 of the many wonderful things about this talk:

  1. From the opening words ‘Imagine you’re in Rome…’ the speaker engages us actively, within the scene, rather than leaving us in a passive role as though we are looking on from a distance, at a remove.
  2. Lovely vivid, descriptive language throughout, supported by the speaker’s dynamic delivery. The combination is highly engaging and really allows her passion for the subject to come through. Examples include: creative explosion; storytelling gone global; a primal spark; a figure hurtling from one side to the next; the yawning archway.
  3. Specific details are well-chosen and help to anchor us within the world of the Sistene Chapel. For example, that we would be needing to see the ceiling from 62 feet below, and that there are over 391 unique bodies in one of the scenes. They are perfectly placed within the different narratives, that make the whole talk gripping and easy to follow.