Action Prompts

Action prompts for busy people who want to improve as a speaker TODAY

As a speaker coach, I want everyone to take action to improve their skills as a speaker. (More information doesn’t always help!)

If you want to accelerate your progress, and work towards a specific goal, I would recommend working with a coach.

But if you’re happy to build your skills gradually, then I made this for you…PROMPTS AND PEP TALKS.

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‘If someone had told me when I started out that I would be able to construct a meaningful talk, I would have baulked at the thought. However, each short email and video broke down the process into simple steps which enabled me to reach my goals. I really feel like I’ve made meaningful progress to becoming a confident speaker.’
– Gillian Modrate, Left Bridge Design

Want to know more?

Prompts and Pep Talks for Speakers is a fun series of action prompts, delivered to your inbox.

They take 5 minutes or less to do, and stack up to develop your skills as a speaker in the following areas: delivery; motivation and mindset; content creation.

Series One runs for 6 weeks.

The response to the series was so positive that I made a Series 2. This builds on Series 1 and walks you right through to delivering a short talk. It also runs for 6 weeks.

Both series are free.

As are the monthly challenges for speakers that will be starting in January 2019.

You only need to join once, and they’ll come to you in sequence, by magic.

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Danielle Krage,
The Remote Speaker Coach

PS – If you want to jump straight to a monthly challenge, you can do so below. Starting January 2019, you’ll get a fun speaker challenge at the start of each month, plus occasional action prompts to help you keep moving forward. You’ll be in great company. It’ll be lovely to have you with us!

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