3 things speakers can learn from Adam Grant on the Tim Ferriss podcast

The organisational psychologist (and TED speaker) Adam Grant, has an excellent approach to getting feedback as a speaker. He discusses this in the first part of his interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast. (I thoroughly enjoyed the whole episode.)

1. Start with broad questions:

How can I improve?

Was there anything I did well?

Then ask questions related to specific things that you are working on. But don’t skip the broad questions, or you may be limiting the feedback you get, that may prove useful.

2. For taking this to the next level…

It’s great to have a support network, but also build a ‘challenge network’ who believe in you, but will really challenge you with their feedback – to do your best.

3. At events, if you want better feedback, encourage audience members into the role of your challenge network. Ask them ‘What’s the one thing I could do better?’ If they don’t offer any suggestions, list 3 things that you’re working on and ask if they can see any ways that you could improve in those areas.

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