Give your brain a boost

It’s a new month…full of potential for us as speakers.

So what’s my challenge to you?

Super simple. But so effective.


All of my clients have packed schedules, with lots of demands on their attention and time.  

Their 121s with me give them a focused space to develop their thinking, and create.  

But they are also working on their talks between sessions. And frequently I get them to make space, and boost their brain in the following way.  

(If you have mobility considerations that mean this isn’t feasible, no problem. We are just giving our brain space. So you could link the following to taking a shower, or positioning yourself by a window. Whatever works for you.)

1) Whenever you can, mute your phone and put it away in your pocket or bag before setting out.

2) Take an index card, write down one question that you want to think about in relation to your talk eg ‘What would be a fun, or intriguing opening?’ Say it out loud too.

3) Head out, with your card and a pen, and walk for at least 15 minutes. Take the card out, or say the question to yourself again if you feel other thoughts circling. But otherwise, just enjoy your body moving, and let your brain work its magic.

Simple. But lots of us don’t do it enough.

And yes, if you spotted a furry face in the pic – double bonus is that my dog gets to come too!

Have a great month. Go forth and think and speak.