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As a professional speaker coach, I specialise in working remotely with companies and conferences, to create programmes that deliver intense value for International speakers and distributed teams.

To have a conversation about your coaching, training or consultancy requirements, and how I can best support the development of your speakers, please feel free to get in touch. You can e-mail me here, or find a time that suits to speak with me in person:

We booked Danielle to coach our speakers for a TEDx-style event we were running and she did a fantastic job, especially given the short time frame she had to work with them. From helping them to structure their presentations into clear and concise 11-minute talks to supporting them to build their confidence while speaking, she was instrumental in the success of the event.
Danielle was professional and fun to work with, and our speakers gave really positive feedback about their experience of receiving coaching from her.’  
Kim Morrissey, Business Development Manager, South West Academic Health Science Network


  • 121 speaker coaching for the leadership team, to develop presentations and pitches.
  • 121 presentation review, to improve both content and delivery.
  • Group coaching via Zoom for teams of up to 12 people.
  • Interactive online training workshops for groups of up to 30 people.
  • Strategic planning and training review meetings with learning and development lead or team.
  • Asynchronous training for the entire company via: bespoke videos, articles and resources; video and messaging Q and A; footage review and feedback for recorded talks.
  • Development of written and video content to share externally.


‘We partnered with Danielle to help members of our design team gain confidence and build skills for giving talks. Danielle listened to our unique needs, collected inputs from team members and designed a hands-on remote workshop based on what our team wanted to learn. She was very flexible and accommodating to us, definitely no cookie-cutter workshop! 🙂 She offered a very practical approach to planning talks that really helped to take a lot of the stress and pressure out of the planning process. We’d be happy to partner with Danielle again in the future!’
Mike Shelton, Design Producer, Automattic

‘It was a transformational session for me and I thank you for bringing out my best and helping me see my strengths.’ 
Aldona Limani, Head of B2B Growth and Partnerships UK, Jolt


  • Professional advice and support for the curation and speaker selection process.
  • Group online workshops for speakers to improve both delivery and content.
  • 121 remote coaching for speakers, always keeping the specific aims and requirements of your conference in mind.  This includes developing all elements of the talk to ensure maximum relevance and impact (eg structure, slides, storytelling and narrative, pacing, delivery, audience connection).
  • Specific guidance for remote speakers. How to effectively deliver talks and presentations via live video.
  • Remote coaching and planning meetings for the conference team to troubleshoot and advise on best practice for supporting speakers. This includes all aspects of the speaker development process, through to facilitating an excellent technical rehearsal and live event.

‘Working with Danielle was a uniquely powerful experience. The genuine care she showed and the empathy she listened with was extraordinary. Her suggestions were full of insights and really helped me clarify my message and declutter my thoughts. Danielle had a way of keeping the conversation moving and made sure that every subsequent session refined the talk further. To my amazement, at each critical decision point, she was able to help me find a way forward that built on my strengths. If you get the chance, choose to work with Danielle. I am sure you will count yourself lucky, just as I did.’
Syed Hasnat Masood, Behavioural Designer (ND2C, Design Conference – Islamabad)


All programmes are bespoke, and I am happy to provide fully costed options to meet your specific needs.

I value transparency, so to give you an indication of cost most companies and conferences come to me with a minimum budget of $5k USD or £4k GBP (+VAT), and we work together to target this in the most effective way possible.

More commonly, we develop a 3-6 months plan, with a range of delivery options designed to support speaker development. This budget frequently starts at $9-12k USD or £7-9.5k GBP (+VAT).

I look forward to answering any question that you have via email or a video call.

Danielle guided me and the speakers through an extremely thorough and inspirational process which saw the speakers flourish. She has a true talent of giving honest feedback whilst having such empathy for each speaker. She also gave them the time and emotional support they needed through their journey. I’ve never worked with anyone who is so articulate and calm under pressure. She was my rock throughout and I really couldn’t have produced the TEDx I’m proud of without her.’   Gillian Healey, TEDx organiser and licensee

Danielle Krage,
The Remote Speaker Coach

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