Happy New Year to You

As I write this it’s New Year’s Eve.   Snow has been falling in flurries, but nothing’s sticking.  

I am on my fifth cup of tea of the day? Maybe sixth?  

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore, as I’ve found other systems throughout the year that work better for me. But I do still love to pause and reflect.

These are some of the questions that my speaker clients enjoyed focusing on in our December calls, and that I’m asking of myself…

As a speaker in 2021:    

1) What do you want to do more of?  

2) What do you want to do less of?  

3) What is one new thing that you might want to try?  

These questions don’t require you to focus on a whole new you. You’re already awesome. Knowing this, what might you decide?  

Some of my clients really surprised themselves with their answers, and how doable they could be. It’s just turning the dial. Whether it’s collaborating more with other speakers, or fretting less about whether everybody likes your talk, or drawing one of your own slides.  

How would you answer them?

Here’s to another awesome year of sharing through speaking.