What are Lightning Talks?

Super short talks – usually 5 minutes or less.

Putting them together into an event (in person or online), creates a brilliant opportunity to include and hear from multiple speakers, in a concise and varied way. This is such a win, for all involved!

Why I encourage teams and companies to create Lightning Talk Events

  • It is an excellent way for people to build their speaking skills, in a fun and time efficient manner. The format encourages concision and clarity, which are top communication skills to be practicing. And speakers of all levels of experience can participate fully.
  • It is an energising way to connect and spark new conversations.  This process is equally rewarding whether it is within one team, or across multiple teams.  There is flexibility to include work related subjects and/or outside interests, as suits the circumstances.
  • The speaker skills developed, and connections made, continue to be of genuine value after the event has finished. There are multiple ways for people to deepen and progress them, and on different timelines. This benefits both the individuals involved, and the wider company. 

Note: If you want to try this, and achieve these benefits, the way that the event is framed and facilitated really matters. Otherwise, it can inadvertently become a competitive and stressful process for speakers.

The Lightning Talks resources that I have created for teams are designed specifically to keep things simple, supportive and fun. I would highly recommend using them, and the expertise that I provide, to shape and run your first event.

Practical support for your Lightning Talk Event

The following elements are designed and provided by me, to ensure an excellent process and event:  

  • An initial call (via Zoom) to help you assess your needs and plan your event/s. (Whether you have a team of 12, or an organisation of 100s).
  • An event framework (for the event organiser), with effective and easy to follow action steps.  
  • A speaker invite and guide that you can customise – to introduce the event positively, and answer practical questions
  • A shareable PDF of 50 Fun Structures for Making Short Talks, for speakers to choose from. (Feedback from speakers is that this has made creating their talks a shockingly quick and engaging process.)
  • Facilitation of the event, if it is online. If it is in-person, I offer a one-to-one coaching session for the event facilitator, so that they are supported to set a great tone, are equipped with useful tips (e.g. ways to keep the event to time), and so they can ask me any questions.
  • For many teams I also facilitate a 60-minute feedback session after the event, which includes individual reflection, group review, and suggestions for next speaker steps.

If you are interested in creating a Lightning Talk Event you are welcome to contact me with any questions, or to arrange a short Zoom call, here.

‘Danielle acts as a perfect bridge between the needs of an audience and the speaker’s intent to communicate an idea. She is super smart, fast, proactive, supportive and a joy to work with.’

Dr. Mark Woods, Head of Autonomy and Robotics Group, SciSys