Make it Memorable

My challenge to you this month is to ask yourself…

What makes a talk memorable?

Think back through talks that you have watched. What sticks in your mind and why?

Then consider one of your own talks….

What could you include to strengthen it and make it memorable for your audience? In a good way!

(My labradoodle galloping across the stage would make my talk memorable, but not necessarily for the right reasons!)

Challenge yourself to consider different elements in a 5 MINUTE BRAIN FLEX:

  1. If you were going to include a prop or props what would they be?

This is something that both of these speakers do successfully:

Randy Pausch

Amanda Palmer

2. If you were going to use a strong image, or video/audio clip what might it be?

3. If you were going to include a moment of humour, what would be the focus of it?

4. What about a surprising statistic?

5. Or a bold statement?

6. Or an intriguing and relevant story?

It’s magic being a speaker. We get to get connect with other human brains, and create a memorable experience. How awesome! So go forth and speak.

Until next time,