Pitch it

My speaker challenge for you this month is based on a real-life challenge. I’ve been helping some of my conference speakers with this over the last couple of weeks and it’s been super useful.

Here’s the WHAT’S and the WHY’S


Video yourself on your phone or laptop giving a max 60 second pitch for your talk.
What’s the title?
What could an audience member expect to get from it?
What would it help them think about or do?

You can do this for an existing talk.
Or you can try out a new one.
Or three new ones!


  • It’s a great focusing exercise for really getting to the core of what we’re working on, and the interest and value it might have for our audience.
  • It’s great for promo! The conference I’m working with is putting the videos on social media in the run up to the conference. Even without this you can share it on your own channels.
  • It’s great practice for getting used to speaking on video if you’re not used to this, or want to get better. More and more conferences are asking speakers to talk to camera behind the scenes during conferences, so it’s great to practice this.


Until next time…