A way to mark progress on your speaker projects

This month I am sharing a tool that I use with awesome speakers who are struggling with focus, overwhelm or procrastination.

It’s great for visually marking our commitment and progress, one step at a time. I use it too!

It works like this…

Get a container (ideally clear – so you can see the contents mount up). Get something that will mark each of your steps. I use coloured marbles.

Decide what it is that you are committing to, and how you want to mark it.

For example, each marble could stand for:

1) Every 10 mins of focused time working on a new presentation.


2) Every time that you relax your jaw and release your shoulders back and down before a call.

You get to decide.

And you also get to choose the length of time and intensity for your commitment, as makes sense for you.

Eg For the first example (the new presentation), you might be aiming to add 30 marbles total, over 2 weeks. 

For the second example (cueing relaxation), you might want to commit to building this habit over a month. And then pick a new focus for the next month.

The visual prompt of the jar (I keep mine on my desk, but any visible place would do) both reminds us, and encourages us to keep adding. Small steps really do add up.

I would love to know what you apply this to if you try it. You can message me here or on social (links below).