You are invited to a Remote Speaker Camp! Woohoo.

So you can improve as a speaker, from wherever you are in the world.

I’ve designed them to be super fun, practical and supportive. The perfect environment to build your speaker skills and make a new talk, while still having the flexibility to fit it around your work and home life.

Who are they for?

The next one is a Remote Speaker Camp for INTROVERTS.

Why introverts?

Honestly…I am an off-the-scale introvert myself. I once went to an in-person business course for 2 weeks – it was all zipwires and non-stop groups tasks, with one solo task set for the final day. A presentation. I literally sobbed the night before and tried to figure every which way to get out of it, because I was soooo exhausted. I won the prize for best presentation, but I still cried most of the way home too, and then got mad in a ‘this is not the only way to train people!’ kind of way 😊

Suffice to say….the speaker camp will be designed so you can challenge yourself and improve your speaking skills, but not in a way that will exhaust you!

When will it be?

The next speaker camp will start in January 2023, and run remotely for 6 weeks.

How will it work practically?

You will select a timezone to ‘camp in’. There will be a maximum of 6 people in that speaker group, and you’ll also be part of the bigger camp community (max 60 speakers).

This means that you will have the chance to get to know your fellow speaker campers, but also be able to get wider feedback as you work, in ways that suit you.

Each of the 6 weeks will have a focus, to help you develop as a speaker in the following 3 areas: MINDSET; CONTENT; DELIVERY.

All of the tools and materials you need will be provided in written and video form each week, so you can apply them to making a talk in a way that fits with your schedule.

There will also be a live schedule of fun activities and coaching calls throughout the 6 weeks, to support your progress. I will be there to provide the prompts, pep talks, strategies and advice you need to keep moving forwards! 😊

Other fun elements will include:

  • welcome weekend
  • your speaker camp-kit, with tip top SPEAKER TOOLS
  • short talks from awesome GUEST SPEAKERS
  • a remote ‘movie night’
  • SPEAKER BADGES earn the full set, or focus on the ones that matter most to you
  • camp (quick) fire question session 7 days a week
  • Live 121 and group coaching
  • themed small-group challenges (no zip wires, I promise!)
  • SHOW AND SHARE ZONES to test out your talks each week

What will I work towards?

I suggest that you work on making a new talk – one that you may have been wanting to make and share, but haven’t got to yet! (Or multiple talks, if you fancy the challenge. 😊) It will be a highly supportive environment to take risks, and try out new tools. Plus you will be encouraged to share your work in a number of formats throughout the camp. And everyone will be working towards a fun show and share of 5-10 minute talks in the final week.


$3500 USD per speaker

How do I sign up?

Booking will open December 1st 2022

Priority will be given to speakers already on the waitlist – you can join this by e-mailing me your name here.

Any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them here.

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