If you want to make a talk and don’t know where to start, or are great at bogging yourself down in confusion, this handy-dandy double pack will walk you through, in a fun way.


Short videos and written prompts will guide you through how to develop great speaker habits in the three key areas of mindset, content and delivery. Plus you’ll get pep talks to keep you on track. (And like I said…sparklers!)

Each prompt will take you less than 5 min to read/watch. And then you’ll take 5 mins of directed action.

You get to decide how this fits into your week.

I suggest 30 mins a week for 6 weeks, divided into 3 parts. So you really can make progress, 10 minutes at a time.

But if you are on a roll, there is nothing to stop you working your way through quicker! As long as you take the action, rather than just ingest the tips. 😊

Then you’ll be perfectly set up for…THE LAUNCHPAD.


Building on the great speaker foundations you developed in part one, you’ll zoom in on making and sharing a short talk.

The video and written prompts will take you through, step by step…From how to decide on your title, to how to rehearse, share your talk and get feedback.

And again, you don’t need hours to achieve this. You can consume each prompt in 5 mins, and then match it with the all-important action!

I know speakers who’ve completed this in the suggested 3 x 10 mins for 6 weeks. And I know speakers who’ve chosen to watch/read the prompts and make a talk in a weekend sprint. All good!

You can download both ‘Sparks and Sparklers’ and the ‘Launch Pad’ in one super useful Speaker Starter Pack. (You’ll get them as 2 PDFs that are yours to use and keep.)

So let’s do this!

PS Not only have I used these prompts with 100s of my coaching clients, but lots of lovely speakers road-tested this pack for me, and shared their short talks.

‘If someone had told me when I started out that I would be able to construct a meaningful talk, I would have baulked at the thought. However, each short email and video broke down the process into simple steps which enabled me to reach my goals. I really feel like I’ve made meaningful progress to becoming a confident speaker.’
– Gillian Modrate, Designer