These remote workshops give teams a practical boost, and encourage a shared vocabulary that supports speaker development.

They are for distributed teams – everyone participates from their individual location, via Zoom.

Each session is for up to 12 participants and lasts 60 mins.

You can choose one, or you can maximize results with the sequence below– scheduled on different days to allow for full focus and reflection between.


This is a great, zero judgement environment to bring questions about public speaking, and get immediate and practical advice.

Having coached 100s of speakers for presentations and conferences, and built a toolkit of techniques that really work, you will get answers that are highly targeted and make the most of your time.

Frequent questions are about: nerves; preparation; memorization; body language; rehearsing; getting feedback; audience interaction; slides; and storytelling.

I recommend this as an ideal point of entry for teams.

‘It was a transformational session for me and I thank you for bringing out my best and helping me see my strengths.’
Aldona Limani, Head of B2B Growth and Partnerships UK, Jolt


This 60 minute workshop is designed to be interactive, taking participants through an effective process for outlining a talk.

It laser focuses you on the key components needed – from deciding your topic and title, through to creating a focused sketch of the shape and content of your talk.

What you will create will be in a form that allows for easy changes, helps you see where to direct your attention, and provides clear sections for rehearsal. This saves so much time and energy, and is repeatable as a simple process.

I say this as a coach who has seen the blood, sweat and tears of speakers have tried to just ‘write’ a talk without a plan, or piled hours into making a deck first – then found it didn’t work. Making big changes from this place can be painful and time-consuming. The method I will teach you totally avoids this.

Bring paper to jot notes on, and we will get to it. Consistent feedback is… shock that it can be so easy and fun.

Danielle offered a very practical approach to planning talks that really helped to take a lot of the stress and pressure out of the planning process. ‘
Mike Shelton, Design Producer, Automattic


This workshop is designed as a fun standalone, but also provides valuable development for speakers who have taken FROM TOPIC TO TALK.

In it you will develop the skill of sketching talks quickly, by applying visual structures that help you explore and organise your material.

Examples include: The Portal, The Pit Stop and The Da Vinci.

With just paper, a pen and your brain you will be guided through ways to create outlines for talks, that will engage your imagination and show you how much you can create in just a few minutes at a time.

Danielle was professional and fun to work with, and our speakers gave really positive feedback about their experience of receiving coaching from her.’
Kim Morrissey, Business Development Manager, South West Academic Health Science Network

Workshops are $2750 USD or $7500 USD for the programme of 3.

You are welcome to contact me with questions or to book dates here.


I also work with a select number of organisations to design and deliver customised workshops (plus follow-on coaching support). Recent topics have included:            

RAISING YOUR HAND IN TOWN HALLS (AND OTHER ONLINE GROUP MEETINGS): How to increase your confidence, clarity, and effectiveness at contributing to different conversations.


PRESENTING WITH CONFIDENCE: How to make your mindset, content and delivery work for you, and your speaking style.

Danielle’s warm and empathetic approach to training instantly put the team at ease.  Her insight into each person’s strengths and challenges was impressive, and the advice she shared was incredibly useful. It has certainly changed my approach to prepping to give a talk and put me on a much more positive pathway.  I am looking forward to working with Danielle again.
Lisa Vanstone, Managing Director, One Voice

You can contact me here, and I will be happy to meet with you via Zoom to discuss your needs.

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