‘Although I’m an experienced public speaker, there’s something about Danielle’s approach that makes you dig deeper as a speaker to focus more clearly on what you want to say in a way that is true and authentic to you as an individual. Her approach is informal, super warm and relaxed but also laser focused so you walk away with a clarity and a confidence that is really hard to achieve when you’re working on speeches alone.  I genuinely can’t recommend Danielle highly enough!’
Ciara Eastell OBE, consultant, coach and Professor of Practice at the University of Exeter Business School

‘Yes, Danielle is a great script editor and speaker coach. But she’s so much more. With empathy, playfulness, and skill, she helps you uncover your true message and express this in a clear and compelling way. Working with her is not just effective; it’s life-changing.’
Martin Boroson, Author, One Moment Meditation and Founder, The One Moment Company

‘Working with Danielle was an absolute joy! I have spoken at a lots of events, however being a part of the TEDx line up was quite daunting. To land an ‘idea worth spreading’ in a limited amount of time, knowing that it was going to be live streamed was incredibly nerve wracking. I am a big thinker, used to exploring diverse themes and ideas. To whittle the ‘big me’ into the TED format, was exciting and terrifying, which is why Danielle was a godsend.
Her ability to see me and get me so quickly is something I rarely experience. Her advice, guidance, patience and coaching was invaluable. With such ease she was able to help me refine my ‘big’ ideas into a solid message, whilst always ensuring I remained authentic and kept my natural style and way of being, avoiding the cliches of what good public speaking ‘should’ look like and sound like.
I am a story teller and Danielle really helped me tell my story. For that I am eternally grateful. It was a privilege to work with Danielle and would do it again in a heart beat.’
Mary Daniels, Storyteller, Author, Ethos Coach, Community Creator and crazy Wild Woman!

‘Danielle has a great way of bringing the best out of you; breaking down your fears into manageable chunks of tips, rationale, techniques and practical advice that actually make you relish the opportunity to try them all out, rather than dreading your next public speaking slot… She’s personable, human and decidedly ‘un-corporate’, while having a deep understanding and insight into different public speaking contexts – whether it’s boardroom or classroom, conference or pitch. Can’t recommend her highly enough.’
Helen Gilchrist, Stranger Collective

‘Danielle is an amazing listener who I felt really connected to from day one. She has given me actionable, empowering, yet simple steps to take and things to try which have led to me being on camera and developing my speaking skills. She lovingly holds a space where it is completely safe to express any fears and feelings which she understands, reassures and worked through with me. She helped me understand that it is ok to be me and use that as a strength to draw from in my speaking rather than comparing myself to other more extroverted speakers. If you want to start developing your public speaking and are feeling any type of fear around this, whoever you are, I highly recommend working with Danielle. It is a joy and a pleasure!’
Emma Holmes, Founder of School of Scratch

‘Danielle Krage’s style of coaching is affirmative and encouraging. By highlighting and building on strengths she gently helped me to identify and address my weaknesses, without ever feeling criticised or disparaged.’
Kath Maguire, Associate Research Fellow in Patient and Public Involvement

‘Danielle is a pleasure to work with. She is friendly and easy to speak to, and has a real passion for helping people unleash their hidden potential.’
Dr Kate Smith, Exeter University

‘Working with Danielle was a dream. Danielle is personable, professional and highly skilled. Through working with her we felt able to explore our own voices, to feel confident by expressing ourselves in our own unique way and to have fun whilst doing it! Danielle was encouraging and enthusiastic whilst always remaining honest and authentic.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Danielle and we will be certainly recommending her to others in the future.’
Maya Price and Max Price, Proud2Be Founders and LGBTQIA+ campaigners

‘Even for someone who does a lot of public speaking, a TEDx presentation is something altogether different. It is more demanding and more exacting, and Danielle’s support was invaluable. She offered a fresh perspective, a critical friend, a holding hand. Her advice was rich with insight, and offered with kindness and clarity. I would recommend her support to anyone.’
Rob Hopkins, Catalyst and Outreach Manager, Transition Network

‘Danielle was amazing. She taught us so much about how to tell a story, what elements make a talk interesting and how to draw out our passion for what we do. She also helped us to slow down and enjoy the whole process! She did all this in a way that was very positive, encouraging, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants help with public speaking.’
Adam Sayner and Eric Jong, Directors of GroCycle

‘I had a very personal story that I kept behind closed doors for many years. My big resistance to tell it was shaped by the unprocessed pain that I carried between its lines, and my fears of being judged if I voiced out its details. Danielle’s exceptional ability to hold my vulnerability, while inviting the authentic speaker within me to step out boldly, helped me shape and deliver a compelling TEDx talk, with confidence that I didn’t know that I had.’
Saif Ali, Speaker and founder @ Integr8 UK

‘Although I am a naturally confident public speaker, I struggled to remember, structure, and stay calm through my emotional TEDx speech. While Danielle helped me to organize my speech, she also offered me invaluable moral support. I will never forget her grace when I ran off the stage, sobbing with satisfaction and overwhelming emotion, straight into her waiting arms!’
Emily Stewart, Travel Writer

‘Public speaking is not new to me but TED was. Usually, I am delivering facts or training as a subject expert but for TEDx I needed to articulate something very close to my heart in a manner that would grab and inform a diverse audience, live and via internet, then and potentially for weeks and months afterwards. The success and positive feedback I received for my talk is largely down to Danielle’s time and effort. From acting as a sounding board for ideas, editor and critique for the drafts and delivery coach during rehearsals; Danielle provided encouragement and focus which was essential.’
Ryan Doyle, Police Inspector and Founder of Local Heroes

‘Danielle is an exceptional coach for a number of reasons. She was able to adapt to my needs and helped me to form my TEDx talk with both care and expert feedback. She helped me to feel more confident, able and natural on stage. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to really nail their public speaking.’
Jake Cole, Creator of The Daily Happiness Program

‘I really enjoyed working with you Danielle, your support and encouragement made a tremendous difference to my confidence on the stage. Constructive feedback in the early stages helped me to give structure to my talk and having you by my side on the day of the TEDx event was a huge comfort. Thank you for taking the journey with me. I feel very blessed to have met you and would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a speaker coach.’
Samjhana Moon, Photographic Artist

Danielle has a unique insight into the world, she sees more in everything than most, and her visionary approach to life and ability to make you feel anything is possible makes her a unique and engaging person to work with. I would jump at the chance to work with Danielle again. It was such a wonderful experience and I learnt so much from her.’
Olivia Palmer, TEDx organiser and licensee

‘Danielle is very skilled; I found her coaching sessions both affirming and inspirational. She worked to understand me and my particular challenges, before offering well-considered advice in a manner that was relaxed and supportive.’
Anne Taylor, Writer and journalist

‘I knew I had a story, but until talking to Danielle hadn’t realised how much I had been skirting around its edges. Her sharp, intelligent insight and fierce but completely loving challenge took me to a place where I was ready to step out and share that story with a conviction I could stand by for the rest of my life. This is ‘heart of the matter’ stuff, and extraordinary for it.’
Lizzie Everard, Creative Director

‘Danielle is an amazingly generous coach. She always listens and understands what is needed to encourage you to give of your best.’
Gloria Padura, Cintae Arts and Business, Madrid

‘Danielle’s support was a hugely valuable when preparing for my TEDx talk. She helped me identify the key points to focus on, and her coaching meant that I was able to communicate them in an engaging and accessible way. She also helped me stay calm and relaxed on the day, which was hugely helpful.’
Laurie Macfarlane, Economics Editor at open Democracy and author of ‘Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing’.

‘Danielle is just brilliant at what she does. She works around you, your time, and your way of working. She doesn’t just look at words, meaning and expression but looks at a way of understanding yourself as a speaker. Danielle is incredibly supportive and encouraging, which is exactly what you need leading up to speaking in front of lots of people. My speech would not have been received so well by my audience if it wasn’t for Danielle’s guidance and input. I would recommend Danielle to anyone and everyone!’
Alice Walker-Shakespear, CHICKS

‘Thank you again, Danielle, for your wonderful, heartfelt support, and mentorship. You were a calming anchor through the stressful process of putting together a great talk. You gave great positive, reinforcing feedback to boost confidence as well as actionable, constructive feedback to boost quality. Additionally, because we scheduled our calls regularly, I was able to work on the talk regularly over several weeks instead of rushing it in the last couple days — as I’m sure I would’ve done had it not been for you.’
Awais Imran, Product Designer

‘Danielle guided me and the speakers through an extremely thorough and inspirational process which saw the speakers flourish. She has a true talent of giving honest feedback whilst having such empathy for each speaker. She also gave them the time and emotional support they needed through their journey. I’ve never worked with anyone who is so articulate and calm under pressure. The speakers were so grateful for her efforts and commitment to them. She was my rock throughout and I really couldn’t have produced the TEDx I’m proud of without her.’
Gillian Healey, TEDx organiser and licensee

‘Danielle blew me away. She has an incredible way of listening, understanding questions and then providing solutions in a very practical way. She leaves you with things you can actually use, practice and does it in an incredibly empathetic way. She is amazing at what she does.’
Ernest Capbert, Co-Founder of Finisterre and Co-Founder of Who Buys Your Stuff

‘It has been an absolute pleasure working with Danielle Krage as a speaking coach. Attentive, incisive and very supportive which enabled me to deliver what I felt was one of my best ever presentations in a concise, impactful and detailed way on a very complex subject in a really short 11 minute slot.’
Geoffrey Cox, MD of Southern Healthcare

‘Working with Danielle was a uniquely powerful experience. The genuine care she showed and the empathy she listened with was extraordinary. Her suggestions were full of insights and really helped me clarify my message and declutter my thoughts. Danielle had a way of keeping the conversation moving and made sure that every subsequent session refined the talk further. To my amazement, at each critical decision point, she was able to help me find a way forward that built on my strengths. If you get the chance, choose to work with Danielle. I am sure you will count yourself lucky, just as I did.’
Syed Hasnat Masood, Behavioural Designer

‘HUGE thank you for your time Danielle – I have done lots of drama and performing, things like powerpoint training, facilitation training, how to deal with the media – BUT never anything like this in terms of constructing a talk in this way. I will never look at developing and delivering a talk/presentation in the same way again!’
Catriona Duncan-Rees (TLAP, Think Local Act Personal)

‘Working with Danielle is one of the best decisions I made for my business this year. Her expert coaching identified my best ideas and guided me to form a more compelling structure to take my talk to the next level. I really valued the accountability our scheduled calls provided and her positive encouragement made me feel very supported through the whole process. It’s no coincidence that I had a creative breakthrough during our time working together – creating a new asset that I will be able to use for talks, workshops, online content and my book. I have no hesitation recommending Danielle as a speaker coach, in fact I have already advised several people in my network to work with her.’
Amanda Keetley, Founder, Less Plastic

‘Danielle acts as a perfect bridge between the needs of an audience and the speaker’s intent to communicate an idea. She is super smart, fast, proactive, supportive and a joy to work with.’
Dr. Mark Woods, Head of Autonomy and Robotics Group, SciSys

‘Danielle has coached me to an exponential improvement in my confidence and capability as a speaker. With each session, she’s helped me see my blind spots, ask questions I hadn’t thought to ask, and paint a clear picture of where I can grow as a speaker. Danielle uses a positive, affirming approach to feedback that encourages me where I’m at and inspires me to take on new challenges.’
Jonathan Wold, Community Wrangler, WooCommerce

‘The session was really practical, targeted to my needs and there was absolutely no filler.
My public speaking skills have been greatly improved in the space of just 1 hour!’
Mabel Duncombe, Partnerships & Regional Manager, CHICKS

‘I found working with Danielle invaluable. She was so insightful, supportive, generous and knowledgeable about public speaking. A skilled listener, Danielle helped distil and shape our talk and helped re-energise when I needed it. She knows when to challenge and when to support. I am not new to public speaking, but found the experience of working with Danielle to be really rewarding, I learned so much and 100% recommend working with her.’
Bryony Robins, Co-Director, Royal Cornwall Museum

‘Danielle was so helpful in not only giving me the confidence that my story has value but also in giving me the tools to break my presentation down into chapters that are easier to digest and rehearse. I now feel so much happier pitching myself for talks and events and continue to put into practice everything she taught me.’
Bella Collins, x2 World Record breaking rower

‘Danielle has been a huge support starting out in my speaking journey. It’s fair to say, that when we started I was cautious as to how I could bring running and leadership together in some  cohesive way. Danielle has such a way of creating a safe and encouraging environment to learn. She has been brilliant at understanding my stories and experiences, helping me to craft them into something that can inspire and engage others. Her talent lies in giving you the belief that you have something to say and then crafting it into a structured and engaging talk. I’d highly recommend her wherever you are along your speaking path.’ 
Adrian Ball, Head of Workplace Learning and ultramarathon runner.

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