3 things speakers can learn from ‘The Gap and the Gain’

However you’re currently choosing to grow and improve as a speaker, the following book recommendation is for you.

It’s a short, practical read with an excellent central concept.

The Gap and the Gain – by Dan Sullivan and Dr Benjamin Hardy

3 Reasons to read this book:

1) It will give you a helpful framework for thinking about PROGRESS. This is incredibly important with a skillset like public speaking, where there are always many ways it’s possible to improve.

2) It is clearly written, with practical prompts, and chapter takeaways. These would be excellent points to return to in your continued learning. For example, ‘How you frame an experience informs how your body processes that experience.’

3) It does a great job of explaining the benefits of focusing on GAINS. How it is integral to continued progress and fulfilment.

You measure your GAINS and use those GAINS to create more and better GAINS in your future.’

I insist that after every talk my clients record 3 things that they did well (in the process of developing or sharing their talk). It is often one of the things that they find the most challenging to do. But so worth it!