Time to celebrate yourself

As I write this it’s December. I’ve been pinged by my first hailstones in the UK. I guess winter really is here!

The nippier weather sends me in search of new inside spaces to explore…. Which is how I got to see this beautiful stained-glass window. I love that there are not just pieces, but pieces FROM OTHER WINDOWS within it. My eyes could take in the whole or zoom in on just one part and see what was amazing about it. 

I recommend applying this approach to appreciating yourself as a speaker. Take some precious time to focus in on some of the speaker moments that have made up your year.

If you’re anything like me, it can be hard enough to remember what you were working on last week, let alone back in the spring. Even more reason to slow down and deliberately focus in on your speaker highlights.

And a highlight doesn’t have to be shiny to count. You get to define it. It could be something that was challenging that you learned from. Go you!

If you need prompts, here are a few – from the practical to the contemplative. 

1) If I go back through my diary, where and when did I speak in different ways this year? What do I want to celebrate about each of them?

2) What moments helped me grow as a speaker this year? In what ways? What was the challenge? What did I learn? What was awesome about it?

3) When I think about the people I have connected with as a speaker this year, who am I picturing or imagining? How might I have helped them through what I shared? 

Whatever time of the year you read this, I really do hope that you take a pause and focus in on celebrating yourself!  It’s not always easy to do, but it’s so worth it.