Two person talks

This post is made in response to a speaker who asked me whether it was ‘cheating’ to do a talk with another person. As in, would the bravery only count if they did it by themselves?  

The short, and very clear answer is NO. 🙂

If you enjoy collaborating with others, I say DO IT. It’ll likely be easier in some ways, and more challenging in others. But it can certainly be rewarding. I’ve coached some amazing speakers for their 2 person talks, and loved the process. 

These are some things to consider:

1) What strengths/similarities/differences do you want to make the most of? For example, in your natural speaking styles. 

2) How do you want to structure the talk? How will you divide it up between you? What will the rhythm of this be for the audience? 

3) How do you want to rehearse it, so that it works cohesively for the audience? For example, so that you both feel comfortable with where you are looking. (Both when you are speaking, and when the other person is speaking.) 

Here is an example of a 2 person talk. How are they handling these aspects? 

Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas: Why great leaders take humour seriously

Who would you love to collaborate with on a talk?