Wedding speeches for complicated family dynamics

On Sunday I gave a speech at my step-mum’s wedding, as part of the ceremony. I love problem-solving and helping people with real needs, so of course the whole event made me immediately want to set up a new coaching programme – ‘wedding speeches for complicated family dynamics’.

I could immediately see how I could help and how fun it would be. (Don’t judge what nerdy me finds fun! 😀 )

Maybe I need 3 lives to do all the things that I want to do?

But in the meantime, I am going to make space for coaching 3 people with wedding speeches this summer. (Giving priority to those that are feeling the burn of complicated family dynamics.)

And I will put 3 things that I used here, to help anyone else in this position:

1) I made a clear decision about theme and title . (Better than a fairytale…) You don’t have to, but it does really help with cohesion.

2) I kept it short. 294 words to be precise. With a strong, clear open, progression and close. (It fit onto the card that you can see, so I could hold it in one hand without it flopping around.)

3) I am one of those people whose throat tightens and who goes bright red when strong sadness or happiness hit. (I.e. when I’m trying not to cry.) So I did rehearse out loud more than usual, and used a distancing technique of imagining different colours when I needed a little more remove, to keep flowing.

(Good job I limited myself to 3 as I started typing, as I have the urge to share allllllll the things I used myself, or helped others with for the other speeches.)

For anyone who’s thinking about using their words to contribute to an event….DO IT. It can be such a beautiful way to make a contribution and connect to other humans. It’s so worth it.

Have a great day everyone!

And let me know if you or anyone you know needs support with this. 💛

PS: Update. Since mentioning doing this I’ve had such heartfelt responses, and such interesting conversations. I am currently working on being able to help more people in this area – at least through the UK summer wedding season.

But in the meantime, here’s a short video that can start you on a good track. I made it in 2018, to answer a question I’d been sent. I just watched it back, and I’m delighted to say that I followed my own advice! 🙂