What do you want to spark?

It has been interesting over the last few weeks coaching speakers in countries where live events are starting back up. (After months of those events being online during COVID.)

In preparing speakers for this and focusing on some of the aspects that they are excited to engage with, the following question has got some great responses. So, I thought I’d share it with you. With a tweak it works for online events too!

What do you want people to be talking about after your presentation?

When I coach speakers through thinking about this, we focus primarily on the kinds of conversations that they want to spark.

If your brain struggles with the breadth of this, you can start with think more specifically about…

What is one thing that I would want that audience member to share about my talk? 

It’s equally useful to think about these questions in relation to your online talks. You can imagine your audience member in different spaces, and still ask these questions of yourself.

What conversations would you want to spark as that person moves from watching your talk to social media, or communicating with a colleague, or catching up with an interested friend? 

Whether in person or online, your talks have a whole world of potential to create the most amazing conversations of all kinds. Conversations of all flavours – from the highly practical to the provokingly existential. It truly is a beautiful way to connect with other humans and create ripple after ripple. 

Have fun connecting, you awesome human.